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Poultry Acid FP & Poultry Acid FL

Improved technical results and health status of layers, turkeys and broilers. Salmonella prevention in feed, raw materials and in the gastro intestinal tract of monogastric animals

FermAcid NG Plus
Natural growth and intestinal health enhancer, for improved production figures
Aquacid DW

Drinking water application for improved health

Bact Acid FLA

A synergistic blend of organic acids formulated to reduce pathogen load and maintain a healthy gut

Multi - Organic Acid & Etheric oil mixture for healthy intestinal flora & reduction of pathogenic gram negative and gram positive bacteria. Improving general health status, decreasing veterinarian costs and improving production results.
Poultry Acid FL Plus
Antibacterial dry organic acid mix enriched with Lauric Acid, for killing off both pathogenic gram negative and gram positive bacteria in the crop and the small intestine of broilers, layers, ducks, turkeys and breeders.
Butyrate SB-30

Butyrate SB-70

Butyrate CB-30

Butyrate SB-70

Sodium Butyrate 30% or 70% Coated & Calcium Butyrate 30% or 70% Coated, for target release of Butyric Acid in the small intestine. The palm fat coating results in slow intestinal release by enzymatic degradation of the fat matrix: Increasing (micro) villi surface, maintenance of healthy gut flora and assembly of tight junctions in order to make a confluent intestinal wall, avoiding leakage. Butyric Acid is well known for its ability to avoid colonization of pathogenic bacteria such as Salmonella and is used as an energy source for the liver


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