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Mycotoxin Binders

Toxybind Basic

A specially designed binder, which adsorbs polar mycotoxins at maximum. Registered by EFSA for reduction of the contamination of feed by mycotoxins (category 1, functional group m, EU No. 1060/2013)

Toxybind Plus
A modified mycotoxin inactivator, composed of multilayer minerals, yeast sources and anti-oxidants, which inactivates, adsorbs and binds both polar and non-polar mycotoxins at maximum (AFL, OTA, T-2, ZEN)
Toxybind Premium
A combination of carefully selected herbs, plants, and multifunctional binders. A unique design for detoxification and organ repair for all animal species
Toxybind Perfect

A synergistic blend of specially selected binders, enzymatic biotransformators and botanicals, in order to bind mycotoxins (AFL, FUM, OTA, T2) , to transform (DON & ZEN) in non-toxic molecules and to eliminate them from the animal body


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