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Natural Performance enhancer and Vitamin-E replacer. Contains grape, citrus, blackcurrant and chestnut with high contents of polyphenols (min. 8.5%) and a high level of anti-oxidative activity, with an ORAC value of 729 µmol Te/g (Vit-E50 has 585 µmol Te/g)

Butyrate DTG (Liquid or powder)

Odor-free and heat stable Butyric Acid Tri-Glycerol Ester. The Butyric Acid content is > 85%, which is realeased in the intestine only.  Butyrate is improving the GUT flora, maintaining the intestinal barrier, anti-inflammatory and develops the (re) generation of (micro)villi

Formic Acid (79% / 85% / 94%)

Preservative, antibacterial

Calcium Formate

Preservative and Acidifier

Calcium Acetate

Preservative, Antimould

Calcium Propionate


Propionic Acid

Preservative, Antimould and Acidifier

Citric Acid Anhydrous

Acidifier and Preservative

Acetic Acid 80%

Preservative against yeasts

Lactic Acid 80%

Preservative, Antibacterial

Calcium Lactate pentahydrate

Preservative and Acidifier

Fumaric Acid


Iron II Lactate
Mineral supplement
Manganese Acetate
Mineral supplement
Mono Calcium Phosphate
Calcium & Phosphorous source
Yeastimmulate FF
Yeast cellwalls containing high levels of Mannan Oligo Saccharides (MOS) for agglutination of pathogens like E-Coli and Salmonella. Rich in ß-Glucans stimulating the immune system, as well as binding polar mycotoxins such as ZEA, OTA and DON at levels up to 81%.
Bact Acid FPC Liquid (NC)
Non Corrosive liquid acidifier for preservation of feed and raw materials, controlling pathogenic bacteria growth.
FF Aquacid Liquid Super
Drinking water application for pigs and poultry. Increasing water intake and decreasing pathogen load in drinking water systems.
Butyrate CB80
Calcium Butyrate 80% Coated, target release of Butyric Acid in the Small Intestine. Increasing (micro) villi surface, maintenance of healthy gut flora and assembly of tight junctions in order to make a confluent intestinal wall with no leakage of pathogens into the bloodstream. Butyric Acid is well known for its ability to avoid colonization of pathogenic bacteria such as Salmonella and is used as an energy source for the liver.

Liquid and powder Vitamin blends


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