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Piglet Acid F

Prevention of E-Coli related problems. Lowering the Acid Binding Capacity (Buffering Capacity) of compound feed by replacement of high pH Calcium Sources

Piglet Acid SB

Organic acid mixture enriched with Benzoic Acid for the best technical results

FermAcid NG Plus

Prebiotic organic acidmixture for optimal gut-health and increase of nutrient adsorption 

Zinc Acetate

(Non-buffering) Zinc supplement. Increasing the pink colour and health status by improvement of enzym functions

Magnesium Acetate

(Non-buffering) Magnesium supplement. For quiet pigs


Benzoic Acid 99.9% (Zoötechnical Additive - 4d210). Also available as Jemovitaal Silo for bulk application

Butyrate SB-30

Butyrate SB-70

Butyrate CB-30

Butyrate SB-70

Sodium Butyrate 30% or 70% Coated & Calcium Butyrate 30% or 70% Coated, for target release of Butyric Acid in the small intestine. The palm fat coating results in slow intestinal release by enzymatic degradation of the fat coating. Increasing (micro) villi surface, maintenance of healthy gut flora and assembly of tight junctions in order to make a confluent intestinal wall, avoiding leakage. Butyric Acid is well known for its ability to avoid colonization of pathogenic bacteria such as Salmonella and is used as an energy source for the liver


A mixture of Calcium Nitrate and Polyphenols for the improvement of blood vessel and blood cell dilation. Increases the blood, oxygen and nutrition flow. Increases animal performance and digestibility and lowers the FCR. Trial results available on request


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