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The application of organic acids and their salts is widely accepted in animal nutrition. Apart from an improved feed hygiene, the acids may also be used in the animal, e.g., as a source of energy and minerals.

The different organic acids in Piglet Acid were chosen to be effective against a variety of microorganisms. Lactic, Formic and Acetic Acid have been proven to inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria while benzoic acid (in Piglet Acid SB and Pig Acid P) has the lowest MIC in most pathogenic bacteria. Benzoic Acid besides this also has the largest effect on growth and may be used as a mould and yeast inhibitor. The efficacy of acids against microorganisms is not only based on the reduction of the pH but also on the action of the non-dissociated acids. Only the non-dissociated acid can enter the cell of the bacteria and inhibit important cell functions, preventing exponential growth.

Orthophosphoric acid (very low pKa-value) is added in our products for piglets, at low levels, to push the organic acids with higher pKa-values into their non-dissociated (effective) mode.

The products also contain “acidic” Calcium ions, so limestone can be taken out of the feed composition, reducing the buffering capacity of that feed. This is especially important for the younger animals, that have a lower stomach acid production.

A lower buffering capacity of the feed results in a larger percentage of organic acids present in the non-dissociated (effective) mode.

Apart from their nutritive value, the benefits of lactic and citric acid can be seen in an improved feed intake, because they have a good taste.

The application of pure acids in the feed can raise various problems. Whereas, e. g. formic acid, is one of the most effective acids in the feed, it is corrosive and has a bad smell in its pure liquid form (or liquid on silica carrier). These properties may negatively affect both handling in the feed mill and feed intake.

With the development of the Piglet Acid products, a concept was created to provide highly efficient acids for animal production which are safe in application and guarantee an optimal effectiveness. This process is called 'Calcium Citrate technology'. The Piglet Acid products are designed to contain the acids in free form. Still they are only minimally corrosive, odorless and easy to process.

In addition to their nutritive effect, citric acid and lactic acid for example, add the extra value of an improved feed intake induced by an improved palatability.

The effectiveness of Piglet Acid in piglet rearing has been tested in many trials in many countries up to a weight of approx. 40 kg life weight. The results prove impressively that with Piglet Acid the daily weight gain (10-30%) as well as the feed intake (5-20%) is improved.

Trials results of the different types of Pig Acid P, Piglet Acid F and Piglet Acid SB are available


With the application of Piglet Acid the effect of different organic acids and acidic calcium is optimally combined. Also, the buffering capacity in the feed is lowered by these products. All these factors contribute to the fact that the performance in piglet rearing can be clearly increased.

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