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About us

We are a family owned company, specialized in the production of organic acids and salts, which are applied in food products and in animal feedstuffs, in order to improve the quality of the endproduct.

We have the chemical and nutritional skills to help foodproducers with formulating the best recipes of additives, in order to produce perfect quality endproducts. We are able to supply foodproducers with all kinds of organic acids and salts, but we also produce tailor made mixtures with a broad spectrum of other basic raw materials. 

We can advise feed compounders to formulate feeds with the lowest buffering capacity, in order to obtain the best technical results for the animals of their customers. We supply a full range of organic acids and salts, as well water- as fat-soluble components with preventive and curative action against both gram positive as gram negative bacteria and/or the consequences thereof.

Other strong points are our service and flexibility towards our customers. We have very short delivery times, supplying products throughout Europe within 5 working days and only 3 days within the Benelux.

Our quality standards are high and we are GMP+ certified for feed additives. (GMP+ is an equivalent of FAMI-QS). Our food products meet the highest standards, such as EU regulation 231/2012 and HACCP.

The main ingredients of our blends are organic acids and their Calcium and Sodium salts. These are not harmful to the environment (organic origin), naturally degredable and often good replacers of antibiotics, as far as it concerns additives for animal feed application.


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