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FermAcid NG Plus is a non-corrosive dry mixture of Gluconic Acid, carefully selected Herbs and (optionally) Na-Ca Butyrate. The product has been developed, based on the well-known benefits of Butyric Acid as an energy source for the villi; its positive effects by (re)generation of the epithelium-cells which improves feed conversion and the ability to facilitate the assembly and organisation of tight junctions for a confluent intestinal wall. Moreover the natural anti-oxidants from the herbs, ensure improved immune stimulation and reduced heat stress. The active ingredients of these herbs are natural polyphenols. The polyphenols are a transport mechanism for the Butyrate to the organs of the animal.

FermAcid NG Plus has a different mode of action and approach than all other available sources of butyric acid. The main component of FermAcid NG Plus is Gluconic Acid, which ferments in the small and large intestine into several short chain fatty acids (Asano et al, 1997). The Butyric Acid increased percentage (57%) is the highest compared to the other volatile fatty acids which are fermented in the gut. So mainly Butyric acid is ‘target produced’ in the small and large intestine originating from FermAcid NG Plus. The main function of Butyric Acid in the gut is improving the villi surface. (Campbell et al., 1997; Le Blay et al., 1999 and Mortensen et al., 1988). Another important fact is that by means of fermented butyric acid, Tight Junctions are put in place, in order to strengthen the gut wall and make it confluent. (Luying Peng et all, J. of Nutrition 2009). FermAcid NG Plus is capable of preventing salmonella to become pathogenic and thus avoid the negative consequences of  salmonella bacteria.

FermAcid NG Plus optionally contains a soluble pure Na-Ca Butyrate which is smell coated and therefore directly absorbed from the first part of the small intestine into the blood stream. This is what we call a “two stage rocket”: optimal utilization of available possibilities to improve gut health, gut flora, the intestinal barrier and feed conversion ratio by increased villi surface.

Trials results of FermAcid NG Plus have shown a significant decrease in feed conversion ratio from 1.41 to 1.31 with weaned piglets from day 1 after weaning until day 42 after weaning and a weight gain of plus 1 kg up to day 42 after weaning. Trial reports are available upon request.

FermAcid NG Plus advantages are:

  • A unique natural growth promoter for monogastrics
  • A highly concentrated product, containing both Organic Acids, Herbs and Coated Organic Acid Salts of totally more than 99% active substance.
  • It increases gut health in such a way that production figures (ADWG) increase by 5% and more.
  • FCR result improved by 5.49% according to university trial.
  • Stable (for palletizing) for 4 hours at a maximum temperature of 110° Celsius.
  • No risk of corrosion.
  • Free flowing white crystals & non smelling.

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