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FIGHTING DYSBiosis with performer

Dysbiosis can be defined as the presence of a qualitatively or quantitatively abnormal flora in the small intestine, causing disorder(s) in the animal. It is associated with wet faeces and a reduction in feed intake & presence of gas and fluids in the intestinal lumen. The intestine of healthy birds has very low levels of bacteria, whereas birds affected with dysbiosis have substantially higher bacterial numbers. Clostridium Perfringens has been shown to contribute to this overgrowth. C. Perfringens most of the time is a common inhabitant of the chickens intestinal tract, with no apparent impact in healthy chickens. Its exponential growth is triggered by: Damage of intestinal mucosa, alternation of normal gut flora and an abnormal pH in the GIT, or immune suppression.

Performer is a target released non-corrosive synergistic mixture for the control of bacteria levels and improvement of the intestinal health status. Performer consists of Medium Chain Fatty Acids, Benzoic & Gluconic Acid, Coated Butyrate and several Etheric Oils and Botanicals. The product has been developed, based on the well-known benefits of Butyric Acid as an energy source for the villi. Benzoic Acid is one of the strongest antibacterial organic acids (very low MIC), active both in the crop and the stomach. MCFA’s (Lauric, Capryllic and Capric Acid) are very active against gram positive bacteria in the small intestine. Moreover its etheric oils and botanicals ensure an improved anti-bacterial function in the small intestine, as their mode of action is pH independent and synergistic with organic acids.

The Performer antibacterial mode of action and improved intestinal performance, are mainly due to its unique combination of several antibacterial components. The main part of Performer is Butyric Acid as a Coated Butyrate (matrix coating) and prebiotic Gluconic Acid; which ferments in the small and large intestine into mainly Butyric Acid. (Asano et al, 1997). Butyric Acid in Performer is therefore both ‘target released' by lipase - breaking down the fat coating (of the Coated Butyrate) and 'target produced' by Lactobacilli and Bifido Bacteria (of the prebiotic Gluconic Acid). Butyric Acid in Performer is present in both the small and the large intestine. The main function of Butyric Acid is improving the (micro)villi surface (Campbell et al., 1997; Le Blay et al., 1999 and Mortensen et al., 1988). Another important activity is putting Tight Junctions in place, in order to strengthen the gut wall and make it confluent (Luying Peng et all, J. of Nutrition 2009). Butyric Acid is also preventing the colonisation of salmonella and thus avoid the negative consequences of  salmonella bacteria.

Benzoic acid is known to be particularly effective against Gram- bacteria, including potentially pathogenic bacteria such as E. coli, Salmonella and Campylobacter. Benzoic acid is ensuring an excellent preservation of animal feed, with a specific activity against yeasts.

Capric, Capryllic and Lauric Acid (MCFA’s C8-C10-C12) are specifically active against pathogenic Gram+ bacteria, such as Staphylococcus, Streptococcus S. and (also) Clostridium. Specific essential oil compounds in Performer interact with the pathogenic bacterial cell membranes, making the membranes more permeable. For Benzoic Acid and the MCFA’s, it is therefore easier to enter and accumulate in the bacterial cell, causing its elimination. The essential oils in Performer (eg. Eucalyptus oil and Cinnamic oil) also improve the secretion of digestive enzymes.

Trial results of Performer are available upon request.

conclusion on Performer:

  • Reduction of bacterial adhesion and invasion through gene expression modification
  • Anti-bacterial capability
  • Active in the crop, stomach, small intestine & large intestine
  • Enhances gut integrity and efficiency
  • A multifunctional approach towards the intestinal microflora:
    • Control of Gram-negative, Gram+ bacteria and Yeasts
    • Stimulation of lactic acid production & beneficial bacteria (Bifido bacteria, Lactobacilli)
  • Tissue and organ repair

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