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Poultry Acid FP & Poultry Acid FL

Stress and a low tolerance against pathogens from the feed may often lead to bacterial infections of the gut in poultry. Since the intestinal tract in the animal contains a lot of defence mechanisms against the establishment of a pathogenic flora, it is of the utmost importance to maintain health and functionality of the gut through nutritional means. The gastro intestinal flora in poultry represents a complex ecosystem comprised of many different species of bacteria. The more varied the existing flora, the more stable is this system. The micro flora builds a microbial barrier in the gut which protects the mucosa and prevents the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria (competitive inhibition). The positive bacteria include bifido bacteria and lacto bacilli which produce lactic acid and help sustain a low pH.

Mode of action of Poultry Acid

Poultry Acid FP is a dry powder, based on a synergystic mixture of Formic and Propionic Acid, based on Calcium Citrate technology. Poultry Acid FL is based on Lactic Acid and Formic Acid. The application of Poultry Acid FP & Poultry Acid FL leads to an optimised production of positive bacteria including bifido bacteria and lactobacilli which produce lactic acid. By stabilising the natural intestinal flora, colonisation with pathogenic bacteria can be counteracted. The maintenance of a correctly functioning digestive system represents a reduction of stress for the animal. The stabilisation of the physiological digestive condition improves the resorption of nutrients and the feed conversion rate of the animal. Trials with Poultry acid in broilers have shown significant improvements in both feed intake, daily growth and feed conversion.

Poultry Acid FP significantly reduces and eliminates Salmonella (eg. Typhimurium and Enteritidis) in feed and raw materials.

In some countries Poultry Acid FP is sold under the name of Bact Acid FP Solid

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