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LactoYeast / MultiYeast

LactoYeast is a pure, undiluted and inactivated yeast species of the Saccharomyces Cerevisiae strain. Because it is a pure product without culture or other excipients, the dose per cow per day is relatively low (15 grams / cow / day) and the effect is very high, in comparison to other yeast products. LactoYeast mainly induces a higher milk production and improved health status, both of which are reflected in the user's profitability.

The five main components of LactoYeast are: Amino acids, Glutamic acid, Mannan Oligo Saccharides (MOS), Beta Glucans and Nucleotides.
The Amino acids cause an increase in the number of fermentation bacteria in the rumen, which has a positive effect on milk production. The reason behind this is that at least 75% of the energy and proteins required for milk production are produced by these specific bacteria. By means of microbial fermentation, fatty acids such as propionic acid are produced, which is the main source of energy for both growth and lactation. Furthermore, the composition of the Amino acids is such that it is optimal for the synthesis of milk protein.
LactoYeast provides improved microbial activity in the rumen, resulting in higher production of propionic acid and less methane. As a result, the cows have more energy available, in order to produce more milk. The change in the fermentation situation in the rumen due to the Amino acids in LactoYeast ensures a higher production level. The improved energy status has a direct effect on the health of the cow. During various tests it was observed that cows fed LactoYeast are more fit and have a more shiny skin. Another observation is that the manure is smoother, with very little to no undigested components.

The second component (Glutamic acid) provides a better taste and therefore an increased feed intake. MOS and β-Glucans provide better immunity and bind different pathogenic bacteria and mycotoxins, which can no longer influence with negative effects on animal health. The last component (Nucleotides) are the smallest and most important building blocks for the generation of intestinal wall cells, liver cells, bone marrow cells and blood cells. These cells play an essential role in feed efficiency and the immune system.
Due to the improved immunity, there are also fewer diseases such as milk fever and mastitis. In some cases the number of mastitis has decreased by more than 65% during the use of LactoYeast. The somatic cell count also decreased by more than 50 points, which indicates healthier cows.
The Mannan Oligo Saccharides and (1,3 & 1,6) β-Glucans in LactoYeast ensure the binding of pathogenic bacteria (e.g., E-Coli) and various toxins such as endo- and mycotoxins. This results in a reduction of diarrhea in calves, which results in much less mortality.

Different tests in dairy cows have shown that a dose of 15 grams of LactoYeast per cow per day yields increased milk production from 0.5 to 1.7 liters per cow per day, considering both shorter period comparisons (12 weeks) and longer periods (52 weeks). These results were visible in comparisons between groups in the same period as well as between the same groups in different periods under the same conditions.
Based on a milk price of 29.4 euro cents (June 2015), the increased milk yield and protein + fat yields, the farmer of this test in the Netherlands had a total benefit of 60.2 euro cents per cow per day. In the case of the second trial in the Netherlands, the advantage was 47.4 euro cents per cow per day, based on a milk price of 27.0 euro cents (January 2016). These benefits are based solely on the benefits of higher milk production and fat & protein levels. In addition, better health was observed, such as reduction of the number of cases of mastitis by 67%, which of course also led to a considerable cost reduction.

Due to the improvement of health and immunity status (resistance), LactoYeast is also used in the dry period from two weeks before calving.

Test results of the various tests are available on request.

In some countries LactoYeast is sold under the brand name of MultiYeast (because of application in more animal species)

LactoYeast: for healthy and profitable feed!

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