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We are producers of blends of organic acids and organic salts. Liquid blends are produced in such a way that the products are less corrosive and easier to handle in food- and feed industry.
The dry blends are produced using special techniques resulting in free flowing powders or granules that can be easily dosed into food or animal feed, using conventional techniques.
The production processes are computer controlled resulting in accurate and reproducible acid ratios in the blends.

Since 2022 FF Chemicals has put its new facility for the production of liquid acidifiers into operation.


Due to the more then 30 years experience in this market we have established strong ties with the big chemical producers resulting in excellent supply positions of raw materials.
We have fully automated bagging lines for 20-25kg bags and Bigbags. All powders are available in Bulk as well.


Since 2015 FF Chemicals also has a packaging line for 10kg bags.

We have warehousing and transport facilities available on site, for several thousand tons of product, resulting in very short delivery times (3-5 working days), throughout Europe.

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